Soil for Raised Garden Beds – What You Need To Know!!!

If your home does not have enough space that you can utilize for  “in the ground” gardening, a raised garden is something you should consider. If you live in a condominium then traditional gardening is hardly an option. But if you use raised garden beds, you can create a garden in a small area which will add color to your home.

When you garden using raised beds, your plants are planted above the ground and by doing this you get to enjoy a range of benefits which include the following.

1. Raised garden beds make your plants accessible. For instance, if you want to take a look and examine your vegetables, you don’t have to lean down because you can easily see your produce.

2. If you want bigger harvests of your vegetables, you should utilize vegetables raised beds. The reason for this is that you can improve the soil on your bed. You can select the most fertile soil and you can even choose to add fertilizers in it. Naturally your vegetables and other plants will be healthier because of its enhanced growing condition.

3. Proper drainage is a common problem when gardening. However, it is not a problem if you are planting in a raised garden bed. You will no longer have to deal with water logged soil.

With all these advantages you will be surprised to know how easy this type of garden is to build. With little or no do it yourself experience, you can construct and install a bed in no time at all.  All you need is to plan ahead of time, gather the materials needed and you can already build it.

Ones you have given this method a try you will surely not go back to the old school gardening because your vegetables, flowers and herbs will be very easy to maintain. Since the container is placed above the ground the soil in it would be warmer.  You can grow your plants even during fall, when the climate is much colder.

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There are several types of raised garden beds and all of them will work for you. The most typical and easy to install are the wooden raised beds.  The wood you should pick should be all natural. This means that is must not be treated with any substances especially arsenic because this will negatively affect your plants.

Other option for raised bed materials are bricks, stones, fibreglass and even plastics. The variation in materials you could use allows you to decorate your garden as you desire. Stone raised beds, as well as wooden raised beds, will give your garden a more natural feel.

Gardeners of raised garden beds find pleasure in this style of gardening because it is so easy to take care of.  Great joy is the reward for seeing your plants healthier and more productive as compared to how it was with more traditional gardening styles.

Do You Need A Vegetable Raised Bed?

Vegetable raised beds are what every gardener needs especially with a small area for planting.  It only needs a small area plus you don’t need much effort in maintaining it. If you are new to gardening you should try reading books or read articles online on growing plants, particularly vegetables. There is a lot of information you can gather that will help you grow your very own raised vegetable garden.

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The areas where you will place your raised beds are very important because it needs to have sufficient amount of sunlight.  It is best to check first for the right location to place your bed before deciding on the size.  Of course you have the option to move your raised garden if you wish since it is in a container,  but to avoid all the hassle it would be best if you have planned and decided ahead of time where you will place the raised beds.

Gardening with the use of raised beds is also known as container gardening due to the fact that you will plant your vegetables or flowers in a container. The container can be made of wood, plastic, stones and bricks.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Vegetable raised bed layout

Most experience gardeners would advise you to make a garden layout wherein you will draw your garden in a piece of paper. You also need to determine what vegetables you will be growing and what part of the raised garden bed you will plant them in.

As with traditional gardening it is best if you plant the vegetables in rows. Doing this will allow you to easily distinguish your plant from the weeds. A good space between plants is needed so you can walk through your garden when you need to water,  gather your produce or when you just want to wander through your garden.

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On the other hand, if you are using vegetable raised garden beds, you can also plant your vegetables in blocks rather than in rows. Since your plants are above the ground, you won’t have problems as many problems with weeds. Just make sure the size of the bed is just right so that you won’t have trouble gathering your produce later on.

A layout sketch will help you ´picture´  your garden and the plants you will be planting. With your drawing you can design your garden so that even if it is small, you get to utilize all the available space making it attractive and pleasing to the eye.

So if you plan on starting your garden, whether it is a small of big one, start learning what you can through books, online resources or even with the help of other gardeners. The joy of gardening is incomparable especially when you get to see that your plants are growing and are in great shape.